Saturday, May 30, 2009


The foundation of KELAB JUARA ATRAC MALAYSIA was very much owe to these seven(7) persons who pioneer the creation of KJAM. In respect and honour to their dedication and sacrifices rendered to the formation of the Club, they will be forever remembered and will have a landmark in the history books of KJAM. We are honoured to highlight to you the following persons who . . . . . . . . . . . 'Dare To Be DIFFERENT'.

Mr. Raemond KamCO-FOUNDER
Hailed from Ipoh, Perak, Mr. Raemond Kam who has more than 17 years as a hotelier, is currently a Manager of a prominent hotel in Ipoh. He had much contributed actively to the Club in the co-ordination of accommodation during Club convoy events. Elected as Protem President of the KJAM in 2007, he was re-elected as President for the year 2009 to 2010. He is dubbed as 'The Man Behind the Scene'.

En. Asif Zamri ZainolCO-FOUNDER
From Alor Star, Kedah, En. Asif Zamri is a Lecturer with the UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia). A person of high caliber and with cool mind in handling the affairs of the Club, much of the solutions are being sought from him. He held the position of Vice-President in the year 2007 but sadly he left the KJAM in 2008 after the official launching of the Club in May 2008 where he upgraded to much higher caliber vehicle. He is always remembered as the 'Coolest Man' in KJAM.

En. Mohd Norhafiz Adnan
Often refer as 'Lootenant Adnan', En. Norhafiz was the 1st Secretary-General of KJAM in the year 2007. Originated from Selangor, a Technician with UIIM, he had help and assist in the formation of the Club. After about half a year later, due to his busy work schedule and a transfer to Sarawak, he left the KJAM in the final days of 2007. We salute him for his sincere dedication and efforts contributed to the Club during the difficult times in setting up KJAM.

En. Mohd Amirrudin Yusof
From Selangor, En. Mohd Amirrudin is a prominent businessman specializing in the tour and travel industry. His broad knowledge in the industry had put him at helm of the Club events and activities co-ordination and planning. He was the chief co-ordinator for the Club official launching programe as well as the organiser for the A'FAMOSA & HISTORICAL MELAKA EXPEDITION CONVOY 2008'. En. Mohd Amirrudin was the 'Treasurer' of KJAM for the year 2007 to 2008 where he excused himself from the post and offer it to the new blood in the Club. For the goodwill of comradeship, he remain as ordinary member in the Club.

Mr. Michaels Chung
Founder of the 1st ever Juara Club in the year 2002, then known as JCM (Juara Club Malaysia), later renamed as KJAM (KELAB JUARA ATRAC MALAYSIA), he is from Kuala Lumpur. Running his own family business he travel widely throughout Malaysia. Mr. D.Michaels was appointed 'Adviser' during the formation of KJAM but later succeeded the post of Secretary-General in late 2007 after the resignation of the former. He is well known to be stiff with the Club by-laws where he help constituted the 'Club Constitution'. He was re-elected as the Secretary-General in 2008 and also assuming the post of 'Acting Vice-President' until 2010. Often address by others as 'DrJUARA', he is the Club 'Technical Adviser'.

En. Ahmad Faizal Tajuddeen
'An Officer and a Gentleman' in the Club. En. Ahmad Faizal is a district Education Officer in Terengannu. An experience Clubber with other Clubs, especially 'Amateur Radio Club', he always make it a point to come to attend the Club events though he may be hundreds of kilometers away. His expert clubbing experiences make him a vital host in contributing to the Club strategic management. Elected as a Committee Member in the year 2007, he is also the Regional Head for the eastern region states of Kelantan, Terengannu and Pahang. He was re-elected once again as Ordinary Committee where he will continue to serve until 2010.

En. Omar Shaari
A light snack food industrialist from Kedah, En. Omar is a veteran in the Club since the year 2002, then JCM (Juara Club Malaysia). For the last seven years (7) as member of the Club, he has never stop for a moment his contribution towards the Club development. He will always give a helping hand whenever called upon. His most notable contribution is that there will be no shortage of snack food in all convoy events, with his infamous 'Muruku and Twister Muruku' where his company produces. Popularly known as 'Omar's Muruku' he is better known as 'OmarKu' in KJAM. Elected as Committee member in 2007, he was re-elected in 2009 as Ordinary Committee Member and serve until the year 2010.